911 Media Report v2
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    Date    Time         Event          Location           Municipality           Details
08/1618:37Vehicle AccidentRoute 403 Hwy SBuffington TwpVintondale FD Dispatched
08/1617:15Landing ZoneRoute 286 Hwy WConemaugh TwpTunnelton Fd Dispatched
08/1616:38Automatic Fire AlarmPratt DriveWhite TwpIndiana FD Dispatched
08/1613:37MiscellaneousBedick RdConemaugh TwpTunnelton Fd dispatched to tree down on utility lines down
08/1610:02Automatic Fire AlarmClairvaux DrWhite TwpIndiana Fd, Companies 3&4 dispatched
08/1608:37Water RescueLeech AveOther CountySaltsburg & Tunnelton & Blairsville Fd's dispatched
08/1521:22Brush FireRhine RoadCenter TwpHomer City FD & Coral - Graceton FD Dispatched
08/1521:21MiscellaneousTunnelton RoadConemaugh TwpTunnelton Fd Dispatched to assist medic unit
08/1517:57MiscellaneousTipperary RoadPine TwpPine Township FD Dispatched for tree down on road
08/1515:59MiscellaneousIselin RoadYoung TwpCoal Run / Mcintyre FD & Iselin ? West Lebanon FD Dispatched for Utility lines down
08/1514:48Fuel SpillKunkle RdWashington TwpCreekside & Plumville Fd's, Rig Team 900 dispatched
08/1511:50Automatic Fire AlarmRoute 56 Hwy EEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh & Clyde Fd dispatched
08/1415:49Carbon Monoxide AlarmWayne AveWhite TwpIndiana FD Dispatched
08/1412:10MiscellaneousCounty RdOther CountySaltsburg Fd dispatched into Westmoreland County for utility lines down
08/1409:31Automatic Fire AlarmS Ben Franklin RdWhite TwpIndiana Fd Companies 1 & 2 dispatched
08/1310:17Landing ZoneSerrell DrBlairsville BoroBlack Lick Fd dispatched
08/1309:57Vehicle AccidentRoute 217 SBurrell TwpCitizens Ambulance, Blairsville and Black Lick Fd dispatched
08/1307:44Physical RescueS 11th StIndiana BoroIndiana Fd dispatched
08/1221:48MiscellaneousRoute 22 Hwy EEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh FD dispatched
08/1221:22Brush FireSaint Clair RdWhite TwpIndiana FD Co. 4 dispatched
08/1218:54Automatic Fire AlarmOakland AveWhite TwpIndiana FD Co. 2 & 3 dispatched
08/1216:04Automatic Fire AlarmSaltsburg AveWhite TwpIndiana FD Co. 4 & 1 dispatched
08/1215:02Report Current Report Current 
08/1211:10Structure FireCoolspring RdNorth Mahoning TwpPerry Twp, Marion Center, Plumville, Fd's, Rig Team 900, Punxy Ambulance dispatched
08/1200:06Vehicle AccidentRoute 580 HighwayGreen TwpCommodore FD Dispatched
08/1118:22Brush FireRoute 422 Hwy WArmstrong TwpIndiana FD Co. 3 dispatched
08/1116:25Automatic Fire AlarmS 3rd StIndiana BoroIndiana FD Co. 2 dispatched
08/1114:58Report Current Report Current 
08/1112:00MiscellaneousShady LaneCenter TwpCoral Graceton Homer City Fd dispatched to assist with lifting
08/1110:03Vehicle AccidentOakland AveIndiana BoroIndiana Boro Police, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
08/1022:41Addition to Previous IncidentShady LnCenter TwpHomer City FD dispatched to assist Coral Graceton FD
08/1022:17MiscellaneousShady LnCenter TwpCoral Graceton FD dispatched for EMS assist
08/1021:23Vehicle AccidentTanoma RdRayne TwpClymer FD and Citizens Ambulance dispatched
08/1016:01Odor InvestigationIndiana RdCreekside BoroIndiana FD dispatched to assist Creekside
08/1015:50Odor InvestigationIndiana RdCreekside BoroCreekside FD dispatched
08/1015:08MiscellaneousSaltsburg AveWhite TwpIndiana FD Co. 1 dispatched for a railroad tie on fire
08/1015:00Report Current Report Current 
08/1014:05Structure FireChurch StIndiana BoroIndiana Fd, Companies 3 & 4, Rig Team 900, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
08/1014:03Vehicle AccidentGrandview AveBlairsville BoroBlairsville & Black Lick Fd's , Blairsville Pd, Citizens Ambulance dispatched,
08/1009:36MiscellaneousStormer RdWhite TwpIndiana Fd, Company #2 assisting medical patient