911 Media Report v2
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    Date    Time         Event          Location           Municipality           Details
07/2913:19Vehicle AccidentS Main StHomer City BoroHomer city Police, Homer City Fd dispatched, no injuries
07/2912:50Vehicle AccidentOakland AveWhite TwpIPSP, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
07/2909:53Vehicle AccidentWater StIndiana BoroIndiana Boro Police, Indiana Fd, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
07/2901:14Automatic Fire AlarmChestnut Ridge RdBurrell TwpBlacklick FD dispatched
07/2802:22MiscellaneousRoute 403 NorthCherryhill TwpClymer FD dispatched to tree and wires down
07/2723:59MiscellaneousCresswell RdBrush Valley TwpBrush Valley and Homer City FDs dispatched to an unknown type fire
07/2723:45Vehicle FireHenry RdArmstrong TwpIndiana FD Company 3 dispatched
07/2720:48MiscellaneousCribbs RdConemaugh TwpTunnelton FD dispatched for transformer fire and possible wire down.
07/2719:52MiscellaneousKissinger AveHomer City BoroHomer City FD dispatched for tree and wires down.
07/2719:42Automatic Fire AlarmColony BlvdBurrell TwpBlack Lick and Blairsville FD's dispatched to IRMC at Chestnut Ridge.
07/2719:02Traffic ControlRoute 22 Hwy WBurrell TwpBlack Lick FD dispatched for traffic light outage.
07/2718:28MiscellaneousSumac RdGreen TwpCommodore FD dispatched for possible tree fire.
07/2718:12Structure FireGast LnOther CountyBlairsville, Saltsburg, and Tunnelton FD's dispatched to a barn fire.
07/2717:55Addition to Previous IncidentRoute 286 Hwy WConemaugh TwpIselin FD dispatched to assist.
07/2717:35MiscellaneousRoute 286 Hwy WConemaugh TwpTunnelton FD dispatched for tree down, pole sheared, and transformer fire.
07/2714:40Landing ZoneIselin RdYoung TwpIselin Fd dispatched for a medical patient
07/2704:03Tanker AssistMartin RdWhite TwpCreekside Fd, Indiana Companies 1 & 2 dispatched
07/2703:31RekindleMartin RdWhite TwpIndiana Fd,Company # 4 Dispatched
07/2618:38Addition to Previous IncidentMartin RdWhite TwpTeam 900 HazMat dispatched for an oil spill.
07/2618:27Fire StandbyHomer City FDHomer City BoroBlack Lick FD dispatched.
07/2618:14Fire StandbyCreekside FDCreekside BoroPlumville FD dispatched.
07/2618:12Fire StandbyClymer FDClymer BoroMarion Center FD dispatched.
07/2618:11Addition to Previous IncidentMartin RdWhite TwpClymer, Homer City, Cherryhill Twp, Citizens Ambulance dispatched.
07/2617:26Structure FireMartin RdWhite TwpIndiana and Creekside FDs dispatched to a commercial fire.
07/2614:26Vehicle AccidentCarwash RdOther CountyPlumville Fd dispatched to assist Armstrong County
07/2613:32Vehicle AccidentTanoma RdRayne TwpIPSP, Citizens Ambulance, Marion Center Fd dispatched
07/2611:29Vehicle AccidentRoute 210 HwyOther CountyPlumville, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
07/2600:00Structure FireHileman RdMontgomery TwpCommodore,Glen Campbell, Cherrytree Fd's, Rig Team, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
07/2521:49Brush FireShelemmer RdOther CountyPlumville FD dispatched to assist Armstrong County units.
07/2518:09Vehicle AccidentSaltsburg RdConemaugh TwpSaltsburg FD, PSP Indiana dispatched for a vehicle into a tree, no injuries.
07/2513:52Vehicle AccidentRoute 56 Hwy ECenter TwpHomer City FD and Citizens Ambulance dispatched for a truck into a utility pole.
07/2421:39Vehicle FireRoute 422 hwyWhite TwpIndiana VFD and IPSP dispatched
07/2420:55Fire StandbyBlairsville VFDBlairsville BoroBlacklick VFD on stand by for Blairsville VFD. Blairsville assisting in Westmoreland county
07/2419:25Vehicle AccidentMaple RoadArmstrong TwpIndianaVFD, IPSP, Citizens ambulance dispatched to an atv accident
07/2417:26Landing ZoneRoute 954 hwy NWest Mahoning TwpLife Flight dispatched
07/2417:24Vehicle AccidentRoute 954 hwy NWest Mahoning TwpDayton VFD, PPSP, Citizens ambulance dispatched
07/2408:23MiscellaneousRidge AveMarion Center BoroMarion Center Fd dispatched to pole and wires down,on fire
07/2406:38Report Current Report Current 
07/2319:45Landing ZoneRoute 422 hwyArmstrong TwpLife Flight dispatched reference vehicle accident
07/2319:32Vehicle AccidentRoute 422 hwyArmstrong TwpIndiana VFD, IPSP, Citizens ambulance dispatched to a 2 vehicle accident with multiple patients