911 Media Report v2
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    Date    Time         Event          Location           Municipality           Details
10/3008:00Automatic Fire AlarmS Ben Franklin RdWhite TwpIndiana FD, Companies 2 and 3, dispatched.
10/2800:45Gas LeakRoute 1037Other CountyArmstrong County dispatched Plumville Fd
10/2722:55Report Current Report Current 
10/2716:39Gas LeakChurch StIndiana BoroIndiana FD, Rescue Squad, dispatched.
10/2707:56MiscellaneousS Liberty StreetBlairsville BoroBlairsviiile FD & Blacklick FD Dispatched Garbage fire
10/2617:41Vehicle AccidentRoute 217 Hwy NBlacklick TwpAultman FD, Citizens EMS, PSP Dispatched
10/2520:10Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 Hwy EEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh/East Wheatfield Twsp FD , Citizens EMS, PSP dispatched
10/2518:48Automatic Fire AlarmPhiladelphia StreetIndiana BoroIndiana FD and PD dispatched
10/2518:26Structure FireWest Brown StreetBlairsville BoroBlairsville, Black Lick, Coral-Graceton, Homer City FD TEAM 900 - Blairsville PD, Citizens EMS Dispatched
10/2518:18Gas LeakWater StreetIndiana BoroIndiana FD and PD dispatched
10/2515:40Structure FireSkylne DriveConemaugh TwpSaltsburg, Tunnelton, Bell Twsp FD Dispatched
10/2503:58Structure FireEllsworth Avenue ExtCenter TwpRig Team 900,Indiana Company #3 , Homer City,Coral Graceton Fd's, Citizens Ambulance, dispatched
10/2420:55MiscellaneousOak Hill RoadOther CountyClyde FD Dispatched into westmoreland County
10/2415:20MiscellaneousHigh StreetSaltsburg BoroSaltsburg FD dispatched for EMS assist
10/2415:19Vehicle AccidentMain StreetMarion Center BoroMarion Center FD, Citizens EMS, PSP Dispatched
10/2409:46MiscellaneousRoute 403 Hwy SBuffington TwpBrushvalley FD Dispatched Utility lines down
10/2314:46Report Current Report Current 
10/2314:43Search DetailArmstrong CountyOther CountyIselin FD dispatched
10/2313:32Brush FireAlder RdGreen TwpClymer FD dispatched to assist Commodore FD
10/2313:04Brush FireAlder RdGreen TwpCommodore FD dispatched
10/2312:13MiscellaneousNewport RdBlacklick TwpBlairsville and Blacklick FDs dispatched to assist EMS
10/2217:21Landing ZoneWarren RoadCenter TwpIndiana FD, Aultman FD, Homer City FD Dispatched
10/2217:19Vehicle AccidentWarren RoadCenter TwpAultman FD, Homer City FD, Citizens EMS, PSP Dispatched
10/2214:47Fire StandbyRoute 403 Hwy NPine TwpNicktown FD dispatched
10/2214:14Addition to Previous IncidentRoute 403 Hwy NCherryhill TwpPine Twp. FD dispatched
10/2213:50Addition to Previous IncidentRoute 403 Hwy NCherryhill TwpClymer FD dispatched
10/2213:48MiscellaneousRoute 403 Hwy NCherryhill TwpCherryhill Twp FD dispatched for utility lines down
10/2211:34MiscellaneousLivermore RdOther CountyBlairsville FD dispatched by Westmoreland Co. for EMS assist
10/2208:48Vehicle AccidentSaltsburg RdConemaugh TwpSaltsburg and Tunnelton FDs and State Police dispatched
10/2207:00Report Current Report Current 
10/2201:27Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 HwyOther CountyBlairsville Fd dispatched by Westmoreland County
10/2120:33MiscellaneousEast Pike RoadWhite TwpIndiana FD Dispatched for a tree down in power lines
10/2106:57Report Current Report Current 
10/2016:00Automatic Fire AlarmVeterans DriveBlairsville BoroBlairsville, Black Lick FD, Blairsville PD Dispatched
10/2006:59Report Current Report Current 
10/1917:53Vehicle AccidentMartin RdRayne TwpIndiana Fd,Creekside Fd, IPSP, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
10/1915:40Carbon Monoxide AlarmN 3rd StIndiana Boro Indiana Fd dispatched, no patients
10/1914:47Vehicle FireHemlock RdGreen TwpCommodore FD, State Police dispatched
10/1906:58Report Current Report Current 
10/1902:17Structure FireSt Clair RoadOther CountyArmagh FD Dispatched