911 Media Report v2
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    Date    Time         Event          Location           Municipality           Details
02/1321:11Vehicle AccidentRoute 56 Hwy EBrush Valley TwpBrush Valley Fd, IPSP, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
02/1320:39Vehicle AccidentRoute 553 HwyPine TwpPine Twp Fd, Citizens Ambulance dispatched.
02/1320:34MiscellaneousBentley DrBlairsville BoroBlairsville Fd dispatched to assist the medic unit
02/1320:24Vehicle AccidentRoute 553 HwyPine TwpCherrytree Police dispatched, no injuries
02/1319:44Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 Hwy WBurrell TwpCitizens Ambulance, IPSP, Blairsville and Black Lick Fd dispatched
02/1315:35Vehicle AccidentRoute 580 HwyCherryhill TwpCherryhill Fd,Brush Valley Fd, IPSP, Citizens Ambulance
02/1315:15Automatic Fire Alarmavonmore boroOther CountySaltsburg Fd dispatched
02/1314:26Report Current Report Current 
02/1314:14Fire StandbyCommodore FDGreen TwpCherry Tree FD dispatched to standby in Commodore
02/1314:09Vehicle AccidentRoute 403 SouthEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh FD, Citizens EMS, State Police dispatched
02/1313:55Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 WestBurrell TwpBlacklick and Blairsville FDs, State Police dispatched
02/1313:37Fire StandbyChwerryhill Twp FDCherryhill TwpBrush Valley FD dispatched to standby in Cherryhill FD
02/1313:28Fire StandbyClymer FDClymer BoroMarion Center FD dispatched to standby in Clymer
02/1313:10Addition to Previous IncidentPopson RdCherryhill TwpClymer, Pine Twp, Commdore and Indiana FD Company 4, RIG Team, Citizens EMS dispatched previous incident upgraded to structure fire
02/1313:07Flue FirePopson RdCherryhill TwpCheryhill Twp FD dispatchd
02/1311:49Automatic Fire AlarmRoute 56 EastEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh FD dispatched
02/1309:33Vehicle AccidentMary Ann Hil RdWhite TwpIndiana FD, Citizens EMS, State Police dispatched
02/1306:17Addition to Previous IncidentMarshall Heights RoadBurrell TwpCoral-Graceton VFD also dispatched
02/1306:16Vehicle AccidentMarshall Heights RoadBurrell TwpBlacklick VFD, IPSP, Citizens ambulance dispatched
02/1304:22Vehicle AccidentMain StPlumville BoroPlumville VFD, IPSP, Citizens ambulance dispatched
02/1219:47Fire StandbySherman StClymer BoroPenn Run Fd into Clymer Fd
02/1219:45Fire StandbyIndiana StPlumville BoroPlumville Fd in station standby for Marion Center Fd
02/1219:40Tanker AssistHagerman RdRayne TwpCommodore and Indiana Fd's dispatched for tanker assist
02/1219:29Structure FireHagerman RdRayne TwpClymer, Marion Center, Indiana Fd, Company #3, Rig team, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
02/1218:11Automatic Fire AlarmMorewood AveBlairsville BoroBlairsville Fd dispatched
02/1216:33Vehicle AccidentS 7th stIndiana BoroIndiana Boro Police dispatched
02/1216:27Fire StandbyMain StBurrell TwpBlack Lick Fd in station standby for Blairsville Fd
02/1216:26Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 HwyOther CountyBlairsville Fd, Citizens Ambulance dispatched into Westmoreland County
02/1213:36Fuel SpillWayne AveWhite TwpIndiana FD dispatched.
02/1210:07MiscellaneousOld US 119 hwy SCenter TwpHomer city FD dispatched to assist a medic unit.
02/1209:24Vehicle AccidentRoute 119 Hwy NRayne TwpMarion Center FD, Citizens Ambulance and Indiana PSP dispatched.
02/1120:58Landing ZoneDouglas StGreen TwpCommodore Fd dispatched to assist the medic unit
02/1114:50Vehicle AccidentTunnleton RoadConemaugh TwpTunnleton VFD & IPSP Dis[ayched
02/1114:27Vehicle AccidentRoute 286 HwyYoung TwpIselin VFD, Murrysville Ambulance, IPSP Dispatched
02/1113:38Vehicle AccidentRoute 286 HwyYoung TwpCoal Run / Mcimtire VFD. Iselin VFD, Blairsville VFD Citizens Ambulane &IPSP Dispatched
02/1111:45Vehicle AccidentMarket Street Blairsville BoroBlairsville VFD, Citizens Ambulance & Blairsville Police Dispatched
02/1111:08Landing ZoneTrojan LaneConemaugh TwpSaltsburg VFD Dispatched
02/1109:29Vehicle AccidentTanoma RoadRayne TwpClymer VFD & IPSP Dispatched
02/1107:22Vehicle AccidentPower Plant RoadEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh VFD, Clyde VFD & IPSP Dispatched
02/1101:20Fire StandbyCoral-GracetonCenter TwpCoalRun-McIntyre VFD on stand by for Coral-Graceton VFD