911 Media Report v2
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    Date    Time         Event          Location           Municipality           Details
09/2612:43Structure FireMountain View DriveMontgomery TwpCommodore FD, Clymer FD, Glen Campbell FD, Cherry Tree FD, Hope FD RIT, Citizens EMS Dispatched
09/2607:35Vehicle AccidentRoute 217 Hwy NBlacklick TwpBlairsville and Black Lick Fd's, IIPSP, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
09/2517:40Smoke InvestigationGrant StreetIndiana BoroIndiana FD, Indiana PD Dispatched
09/2511:38Fire StandbyClymer FDClymer BoroIndiana FD on standby in Clymer Fire Department
09/2511:31Fire StandbyGlen Campbell FDGlen Campbell BoroRossiter FD on Standby in Glen Campbell's Station
09/2511:12Structure FireBowdertown RoadMontgomery TwpCherry Tree FD, Commodore FD, Glen Campbell FD, Clymer FD, Hope FD, Citizens EMS, TEAM 900 Dispatched
09/2510:32MiscellaneousHarvat RdOther County Westmoreland County dispatched Saltsburg Fd for medic unit assist
09/2503:56Fire StandbyIndiana StPlumville BoroMarion Center Fd dispatched into Plumville Fd
09/2503:46Fire StandbyIndiana RdCreekside BoroCoal Run Fd into Creekside Fd
09/2503:20Addition to Previous IncidentBarks Hill RdOther CountyCreekside Fd dispatched
09/2503:04Structure FireBarks Hill RdOther CountyPlumville Fd dispatched by Armstrong County
09/2421:06Vehicle FireJohnstons RoadBlacklick TwpAultman FD, Black Lick FD Dispatched
09/2420:15Vehicle AccidentSleepy Hollow RoadRayne TwpIndiana FD, Citizens EMS, PSP Dispatched
09/2416:09Utility Lines DownHill RoadBlacklick TwpBlairsville FD, Black Lick FD Dispatched
09/2414:52Report Current Report Current 
09/2413:39Vehicle AccidentIselin RdYoung TwpIselin and Coal Run FDs, LifeStat EMS and State Police dispatched
09/2413:30Vehicle AccidentRoute 422 EastPine TwpPine and Cherryhill Twp FDs, State Police and Blacklick Valley EMS dispatched
09/2410:35MiscellaneousRickardsdale RdGlen Campbell BoroGlen Campbell FD dispatched to assist EMS
09/2408:43Vehicle AccidentRoute 286 EastRayne TwpClymer FD, Citizens EMS and State Police dispatched
09/2322:08Structure FireMontgomery Hill RoadOther CountyIselin/West Lebanon FD Dispatched into Armstrong County
09/2320:43Vehicle AccidentRoute 119 Highway SCenter TwpHomer City FD, Citizens EMS, PSP Dispatched
09/2320:07Landing ZoneSouth East LaneBlairsville BoroBlairsville FD, Black Lick FD Dispatched
09/2317:18Landing ZoneTyler StreetGreen TwpCommodore FD Dispatched
09/2317:00Utility Lines DownFulton Run RoadWhite TwpIndiana FD Dispatched
09/2316:29Vehicle AccidentNashville RoadGrant TwpMarion Center FD, Citizens EMS, PSP Dispatched
09/2314:52Report Current Report Current 
09/2305:24Automatic Fire AlarmRoute 56 Hwy EEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh Fd dispatched
09/2220:10Utility Lines DownRexis RdBuffington TwpVintondale Fd dispatched to tree down on utility lines on fire
09/2220:00MiscellaneousCherry RdGreen TwpCommodore FD dispatched to tree down across the roadway
09/2219:16MiscellaneousGemmell RdYoung TwpCoal Run Fd dispatched to tree down on the roadway
09/2218:58Utility Lines DownNowrytown RdConemaugh TwpSaltsburg Fd dispatched to tree down on utility lines
09/2218:57Physical RescueShelly DrWhite TwpIndiana Fd dispatched
09/2217:42Utility Lines DownFir RdGreen TwpCommodore FD dispatched
09/2217:33Utility Lines DownColeman RdConemaugh TwpSaltsburg FD dispatched
09/2214:46Vehicle AccidentRoute 286 WestConemaugh TwpSaltsburg and Tunnelton FDs, LifeStat EMS and State Police dispatched
09/2212:54Automatic Fire AlarmIndian Springs RdWhite TwpIndiana FD Companies 1 & 2 dispatched
09/2203:39Automatic Fire AlarmRoute 56 Hwy EEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh FD dispatched
09/2123:04Report Current Report Current 
09/2121:52Automatic Fire AlarmBarr Slope RoadRayne TwpClymer FD Dispatched
09/2119:43Automatic Fire AlarmIndian Springs RoadWhite TwpIndiana FD Dispatched