911 Media Report v2
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    Date    Time         Event          Location           Municipality           Details
11/2311:26Automatic Fire AlarmWashington RoadRayne TwpMarion Center FD & Plumville FD Dispatched
11/2222:42Smoke InvestigationGlenwood AveGlen Campbell BoroGlen Campbell and Burnside FD Dispacthed
11/2221:11Tanker AssistSummit RoadOther CountyRossiter FD dispatched for a Tanker to respond into Jefferson County
11/2219:31Utility Lines DownRoute 422 Hwy WArmstrong TwpElderton FD Dispatched
11/2217:28Carbon Monoxide AlarmChurch StreetIndiana BoroIndiana FD, Citizens EMS, Indiana PD dispatched
11/2217:14MiscellaneousMentcle RoadPine TwpPine Twsp FD dispatched
11/2209:08Vehicle AccidentMaple AveBlairsville BoroBlairsville FD, Citizens Ambulance & Blairsville PD Dispatched
11/2117:30Automatic Fire AlarmGreenview DriveWhite TwpIndiana FD Dispatched
11/2113:15Landing ZoneNowrytown RoadConemaugh TwpTunnelton FD Dispatched
11/2112:52Vehicle AccidentOld Route 56Center TwpHomer City FD, Citizens Ambulance Dispatched
11/2112:47Physical RescueFoster RoadConemaugh TwpSaltsburg FD& Lifestat Ambulance Dispatched
11/2014:50Report Current Report Current 
11/2012:11Vehicle AccidentRoute 286 WestYoung TwpCoal Run and Iselin FDs, State Police dispatched
11/1917:18Vehicle AccidentRichmond RoadMarion Center BoroMarion Center FD, Citizens EMS and PSP Dispatched
11/1914:29Addition to Previous IncidentState Route 2003Other CountyCreekside FD dispatched into Armstrong Co.
11/1914:11Brush FireState Route 2003Other CountyPlumville FD dispatched into Armstrong Co.
11/1907:07Report Current Report Current 
11/1819:57Structure FireSaltsburg AveWhite TwpIndiana FD, TEAM 900, Citizens EMS Dispatched
11/1812:30Landing ZonePump Station DrPlumville BoroPlumville FD dispatched
11/1812:16Vehicle AccidentRoute 85 HwySouth Mahoning TwpPlumville and Marion Center FDs, Citizens Ambulance, State Police dispatched
11/1807:03Report Current Report Current 
11/1721:59Traffic ControlRoute 22 Hwy WBurrell TwpBlairsville and Blacklick FDs dispatched
11/1721:06Vehicle AccidentRoute 403 Hwy SEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh FD dispatched
11/1718:42Automatic Fire AlarmOakland AveWhite TwpIndiana FD Co. 2 & 3 dispatched
11/1716:01Utility Lines DownWillow RdArmstrong TwpIndiana FD Co. 1 dispatched
11/1714:50Report Current Report Current 
11/1619:54Carbon Monoxide AlarmNixon AveIndiana BoroIndiana FD Dispatched
11/1613:34Fire StandbyMain StBurrell TwpClyde FD dispatched
11/1612:56Addition to Previous IncidentOld Route 56 Hwy WCenter TwpBlacklick and Blairsville FDs dispatched
11/1612:38Addition to Previous IncidentOld Route 56 Hwy WCenter TwpAultman and Coral/Graceton FDs and Citizens Ambulance dispatched
11/1612:34Addition to Previous IncidentOld Route 56 Hwy WCenter TwpIndiana FD Co. 4 dispatched
11/1612:33Brush FireOld Route 56 Hwy WCenter TwpHomer City FD dispatched
11/1608:44Automatic Fire Alarm1st StCenter TwpCoral/Graceton and Homer City FDs dispatched
11/1608:26MiscellaneousChestnut Ridge RdCherryhill TwpCherryhill Twp. FD dispatched for utility lines down
11/1607:57MiscellaneousChestnut Ridge RdBurrell TwpBlacklick and Blairsville FDs dispatched for utility lines down
11/1607:00Report Current Report Current 
11/1603:56MiscellaneousCherry Tree RoadMontgomery TwpCherry Tree FD Dispatched for utility lines down
11/1601:28Vehicle AccidentFulton Run RoadWhite TwpIndiana FD, Citizens Ambulance & IPSP Dispatched
11/1522:25MiscellaneousRoute 403 Hwy NGreen TwpClymer Fd dispatched to a transformer fire.
11/1521:59MiscellaneousHill RdGreen TwpCommodore Fd dispatched to tree down