911 Media Report v2
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    Date    Time         Event          Location           Municipality           Details
11/1816:07Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 Hwy EEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh Fd, Citizens Ambulance, IPSP dispatched
11/1718:34Vehicle AccidentTunnelton RdOther CountySaltsburg Fd dispatched by Westmoreland County
11/1714:31Landing ZoneRoute 286 Hwy W Blacklick TwpStat Medivac dispatched to previous vehicle accident
11/1714:10Vehicle AccidentRoute 286 Hwy W Blacklick TwpAultman FD, Coal Run FD,CAS,IPSP dispatched
11/1712:34MiscellaneousSimons Rock Rd Brush Valley TwpBrush Valley FD dispatched for wires down
11/1710:46Vehicle AccidentSchool Rd Pine TwpPine Twp FD, IPSP dispatched
11/1710:18Gas LeakCoal Rd West Wheatfield TwpClyde and Armagh FD dispatched
11/1710:09MiscellaneousChestnut Ridge Rd Cherryhill TwpCherryhill Twp FD dispatched for wires down
11/1709:39MiscellaneousStarford Rd Cherryhill TwpCherryhill Twp FD dispatched for trees and wires down
11/1706:51Report Current Report Current 
11/1701:05Vehicle AccidentOakland AveWhite TwpIndiana FD, Citizens EMS and State Police dispatched
11/1622:28MiscellaneousVanderbilt StGreen TwpCommodore Fd dispatched to utility pole and tree into a house
11/1619:11Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 Hwy EEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh Fd, IPSP dispatched, no injuries
11/1617:31MiscellaneousFive Points RdWashington TwpPlumville Fd dispatched to tree down across the roadway
11/1608:31MiscellaneousRoute 403 Hwy NRayne TwpMarion Center FD dispatched for utility lines down on the roadway.
11/1607:21MiscellaneousShellbark RdEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh/East Wheatfield Twp and Clyde FDs dispatched for a tree and utility lines on fire.
11/1606:27MiscellaneousRoute 286 Hwy EWhite TwpIndiana FD Dispatched for utility lines down
11/1602:56Vehicle AccidentRichmond RoadIndiana BoroMarion Center FD & IPSP Dispatched
11/1602:29MiscellaneousRoute 286 Hwy ECherryhill TwpClymer Dispatched for Utility Lines down
11/1602:06Vehicle AccidentW Burrel StreetBlairsville BoroBlairsvillr Fd & Blairsville Boro PD
11/1517:30MiscellaneousStormer RdWhite TwpIndiana Fd, Company #4 dispatched to tree down on power lines in fire
11/1517:02Vehicle AccidentRoute 553 HwyCherryhill TwpCherryhill & Pine Twp Fd , IPSP dispatched , no injuries
11/1515:54Automatic Fire AlarmMadison CircleWhite TwpIndiana Fd ,units from earlier incident handled this call
11/1515:45Vehicle AccidentRoute 422 Hwy WWhite TwpIndiana Fd, IPSP dispatched
11/1514:23Vehicle AccidentRoute 85Washington TwpPlumville FD and State Police dispatched
11/1513:45Traffic ControlRoute 403 SouthEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh and Clyde FDs dispatched
11/1513:08Traffic ControlRoute 56 EastEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh and Clyde FDs, dispatched
11/1511:37MiscellaneousClimax RdWest Wheatfield TwpClyde FD dispatched to assist EMS
11/1510:22Traffic ControlMulligan Hill RdWest Wheatfield TwpClyde and Armagh FDs dispatched
11/1509:51Addition to Previous IncidentRoute 286 WestCenter TwpCoal Run FD dispatched
11/1509:47Vehicle AccidentRoute 286 WestCenter TwpAltman FD, Citizens EMS and State Police dispatched
11/1509:27Automatic Fire AlarmIndian Springs RdWhite TwpIndiana FD Companies 2 & 3 dispatched
11/1509:14Fire StandbyAltman FDCenter TwpAltman FD dispatched to standby for Coal Run
11/1509:09Smoke InvestigationPark DrYoung TwpCoal Run and Iselin FDs dispatched
11/1419:50Carbon Monoxide AlarmS 6th StIndiana BoroIndiana Fd dispatched
11/1418:31Automatic Fire AlarmSchool StIndiana BoroIndiana Fd, Company #1 dispatched
11/1416:36Vehicle FireRoute 119 Hwy SBurrell TwpBlairsville and Black Lick Fd's dispatched
11/1314:46Report Current Report Current 
11/1311:28Fire StandbyMarion Center FDMarion Center BoroMarion Center FD dispatched to standby for Clymer and Commodore FDs
11/1311:09Fire StandbyCoral FDCenter TwpCoral/Graceton FD standing by in station for Homer City FD