911 Media Report v2
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    Date    Time         Event          Location           Municipality           Details
11/1902:40Landing ZoneNashville RdGrant TwpMarion Center FD dispatched for utility lines down.
11/1902:24MiscellaneousNowrytown RdConemaugh TwpSaltsburg FD dispatched for utility lines down.
11/1901:54MiscellaneousRoute 580 HwyGreen TwpCommodore FD and Pine Twp FD dispatched for utility lines down
11/1901:11Vehicle AccidentRoute 119 Hwy NCenter TwpHomer City FD and Indiana PSP dispatched.
11/1900:54MiscellaneousRoute 286 Hwy WConemaugh TwpTunnelton FD dispatched for tree blocking the roadway.
11/1900:39MiscellaneousRoute 286 HwyOther CountySaltsburg FD dispatched into Westmoreland County for utility lines down.
11/1820:22Vehicle AccidentRoute 85 HwyWashington TwpPlumville Fd, IPSP, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
11/1820:18MiscellaneousRoute 85 HwyWashington TwpPlumville Fd dispatched to utility lines across the roadway
11/1817:50Vehicle Accidentindiana StPlumville BoroPlumville Fd, IPSP, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
11/1814:27Vehicle AccidentPhiladelphia StIndiana BoroIndiana Boro Police, Citizens Ambulance, Indiana Fd dispatched
11/1811:01Automatic Fire AlarmStewart Run RdBrush Valley TwpBrush Valley, Homer City Fd's dispatched
11/1803:17Vehicle AccidentAmbrose RdSouth Mahoning TwpPlumville FD, Citizens Ambulance and Indiana PSP dispatched.
11/1721:58Vehicle AccidentRoute 553 HwyPine TwpPine Twp Fd, Cherrytree Police, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
11/1719:27Search DetailCampground RdBrush Valley TwpBrush Valley Fd, Citizens Ambulance,Yellow Creek Park Ranger, dispatched
11/1719:25Vehicle AccidentSilver Canoe Campground RdOther CountyPlumville Fd dispatched
11/1713:11Vehicle FireS Sixth StWhite TwpIndiana FD, Company # 2, dispatched.
11/1705:07Automatic Fire AlarmGlenwood AveGlen Campbell BoroGlen Campbell FD dispatched.
11/1623:11Vehicle AccidentShellbark RdWest Wheatfield TwpClyde FD, Citizens Ambulance and Indiana PSP dispatched.
11/1615:44Gas LeakS Spring StBlairsville BoroBlairsville Fd dispatched
11/1611:37Structure FireRoute 56 Hwy EEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh VFD, Clyde VFD, Blacklick VFD, Bolivar VFD, Seward VFD, Jackson Township VFD & Citizens Ambulance Dispatched
11/1607:30Landing ZoneFisher StreetGreen TwpCommodore VFD Dispatched
11/1601:35MiscellaneousStation StHomer City BoroHomer City FD dispatched for utility lines down.
11/1601:05Automatic Fire AlarmPhiladelphia StIndiana BoroIndiana FD Company 1 dispatched.
11/1521:58Vehicle AccidentGemmel RdYoung TwpCoal Run Fd, Lifestat Amb, IPSP dispatched
11/1505:16MiscellaneousRoute 403 Hwy NGreen TwpCommodore FD dispatched to assist a medic unit.
11/1414:44Automatic Fire AlarmN 5th StreetIndiana BoroIndiana VFD Dispatched
11/1315:45Automatic Fire AlarmSchool StIndiana BoroIndiana FD Companies 4 and 1 dispatched.
11/1311:33Addition to Previous IncidentMocking Bird DriveArmstrong TwpIndiana VFD Dispatched
11/1311:26Physical RescueMocking Bird DriveArmstrong TwpElderton VFD Dispatched
11/1308:56Vehicle FireBraughler RoadGrant TwpMarion Center VFd Dispatched
11/1307:48Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 HwyBurrell TwpBlacklick VFD, Blairsville VFD, Coral/Graceton VFD, Homer City VFD, Citizens Ambulance & IPSP Dispatched
11/1306:46Search Detail Report Current 
11/1302:32Vehicle AccidentRoute 422 Hwy W Armstrong TwpElderton FD and PSP Indiana dispatched for a vehicle accident near Wood Rd.
11/1223:30Vehicle AccidentRoute 56 hwy EBrush Valley TwpBrush Valley FD, Citizens' Ambulance and PSP Indiana dispatched for a vehicle into a utility pole.
11/1217:26Fire StandbyW Campbell StBlairsville BoroBlack Lick FD dispatched to standby for Blairsville FD.
11/1217:11Addition to Previous IncidentRoute 286 Hwy WConemaugh TwpBlairsville FD and Aultman FD dispatched.
11/1216:55Fire StandbyRed StYoung TwpKiski Twp FD dispatched for standby for Iselin/West Lebanon FD.
11/1216:53Addition to Previous IncidentRoute 286 Hwy WConemaugh TwpSlickville FD dispatched.
11/1216:51Structure FireRoute 286 Hwy WConemaugh TwpSaltsburg FD, Tunnelton FD, Coal Run/ McIntyre FD, Iselin/West Lebanon FD, Bell Twp FD and Lifestat Ambulance dispatched.
11/1216:22Carbon Monoxide AlarmSouth AveIndiana BoroIndiana FD dispatched.