911 Media Report v2
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    Date    Time         Event          Location           Municipality           Details
04/1904:34Vehicle AccidentRoute 259 HwyWest Wheatfield TwpClyde FD dispatched.
04/1901:49Odor InvestigationRoute 403 Hwy NCherryhill TwpCherryhill Twp FD OIC dispatched.
04/1900:26Automatic Fire AlarmOakland AveIndiana BoroIndiana FD dispatched.
04/1822:52Water RescueIndian Springs RdWhite TwpBlairsville FD dispatched to assist Indiana FD.
04/1822:50Vehicle AccidentIndian, Springs RdWhite TwpIndiana Fd, IPSP, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
04/1819:21Brush FireQuick RdConemaugh TwpSaltsburg and Blairsville Fd's dispatched to assist
04/1819:15Automatic Fire AlarmGrant StIndiana BoroIndiana Fd, Company #4 dispatched
04/1819:08Brush FireQuick RdConemaugh TwpTunnelton Fd dispatched
04/1819:01Traffic ControlOld Indiana RdBurrell TwpBlack Lick Fd dispatched for a mva
04/1815:28Brush FirePenn View RdBurrell TwpBlack Lick and Blairsville Fd's dispatched
04/1813:36Select EventOlivet RdOther CountyIselin FD dispatched
04/1812:34Addition to Previous IncidentCypress RdGreen TwpClymer FD dispatched
04/1812:28MiscellaneousCypress RdGreen TwpCommodore FD dispatched to out of control controlled burn
04/1805:47Vehicle AccidentRoute 553 HwyCherryhill TwpCherryhill Twp FD dispatched.
04/1721:38Vehicle AccidentRoute 286 WBlacklick TwpAultman Fd, IPSP, Citizens Ambulance Dispatched
04/1720:26Automatic Fire AlarmE Oak StWhite TwpIndiana Fd, Company # 3 dispatched
04/1716:30Physical RescueMorewood AveBlairsville BoroBlairsville Fd dispatched to someone stuck in an elevator
04/1716:28MiscellaneousShady DrWhite TwpIndiana Fd, Company #2 dispatched to tree on power lines
04/1714:47Report Current Report Current 
04/1712:44Fire StandbyCoral/ Graceton FDCenter TwpBrush Valley FD dispatched
04/1712:38Structure FireChestnut Ridge RdBurrell TwpBlacklick, Blairsville, Coral/Graceton, Homer City, RIG Team, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
04/1712:35Brush FireChestnut Ridge RdBurrell TwpBlacklick and Blairsville FDs dispatched
04/1621:29Vehicle AccidentOld William Penn HwyBurrell TwpBlairsville, Black Lick Fd's , Blairsville Police, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
04/1618:15Vehicle AccidentRoute 119 HwyBurrell TwpBlack Lick Fd, IPSP, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
04/1614:19Select EventRoute 422 EastArmstrong TwpElderton FD, Citizens Ambulance, State Police dispatched
04/1606:45Vehicle AccidentRoute 286 WestYoung TwpCoal Run, Saltsburg FDs, Lifestat Ambulance, State Police dispatched
04/1521:25Structure FireE Market StBlairsville BoroBlairsville Fd dispatched
04/1515:53MiscellaneousEast Pike RdWhite TwpIndiana Fd dispatched to a utility pole on fire
04/1515:03Vehicle AccidentHospital RdWhite TwpIndiana Fd,IPSP, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
04/1514:42Report Current Report Current 
04/1512:07Automatic Fire AlarmKettering RdWashington TwpPlumville FD dispatched
04/1511:52Structure FireBurnside TwpOther CountyCherry Tree FD dispatched
04/1423:16Automatic Fire AlarmPhiladephia StIndiana BoroIndiana VFD dispatched for a commercial alarm
04/1421:25Physical RescueGrant StIndiana BoroIndiana FD dispatched.
04/1420:00Automatic Fire AlarmS 7th StIndiana BoroIndiana FD Companies 4 and 1 dispatched.
04/1419:16Automatic Fire AlarmWyoming DrBurrell TwpBlack Lick FD and Blairsville FD dispatched.
04/1417:41Automatic Fire AlarmWyoming DrBurrell TwpBlack Lick FD and Blairsville FD dispatched.
04/1414:43Report Current Report Current 
04/1413:43Brush FireCreekswide RdArmstrong TwpCreekside FD dispatched
04/1413:23Addition to Previous IncidentDerry TwpOther CountyTunnelton FD dispatched