911 Media Report v2
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    Date    Time         Event          Location           Municipality           Details
03/2612:23Vehicle AccidentWater & N 9th StsIndiana BoroIndiana VFD, IBPD, Citizens ambulance dispatched
03/2522:45Report Current Report Current 
03/2517:19Fire StandbyMarion Center FDMarion Center BoroMarion Center FD dispatched to standby for Commodore FD
03/2517:10Fire StandbyCherry Tree FDCherry Tree BoroGlen Campbell FD dispatched to standby in Cherry Tree FD
03/2516:55Fire StandbyCherryhill Twp FDCherryhill TwpBrush Valley FD dispatched
03/2516:31Structure FireStarford RdGreen TwpCommodore, Clymer, Cherry Tree, Cherryhill Twp FDs, RIG Team, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
03/2515:15Automatic Fire AlarmOakland AveWhite TwpIndiana FD Companies 2 & 3 dispatched
03/2512:10Vehicle AccidentLear RoadBurrell TwpBlairsville VFD, IPSP, Citizens ambulance dispatched
03/2509:31Vehicle AccidentRoute 422 hwyArmstrong TwpElderton and Indiana VFD, IPSP, Citizens ambulance dispatched
03/2319:11Automatic Fire AlarmHigh Acres RdOther CountySaltsburg Fd dispatched
03/2317:31Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 Hwy EBurrell TwpBlairsville and Black Lick Fd's, Indiana State Police, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
03/2317:06Brush FireNew AlexendriaOther CountyBlairsville Fd, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
03/2314:16MiscellaneousChurch StIndiana BoroIndiana VFD and IBPD dispatched for utility lines down
03/2314:16MiscellaneousFenton RoadWhite TwpIndiana VFD dispatched for utility lines down
03/2311:58Automatic Fire AlarmSchool StIndiana BoroIndiana VFD and IBPD dispatched
03/2221:09Landing ZoneRoute 119 Hwy NRayne TwpMarion Center Fd dispatched
03/2215:35Brush FireUrban RdConemaugh TwpSaltsburg Fd dispatched
03/2116:18Automatic Fire AlarmPhiladelphia StIndiana BoroIndiana Fd,Company #3 dispatched
03/2112:03Vehicle AccidentRoute 422 Hwy WArmstrong TwpElderton FD dispatched for a 2 vehicle accident in the area of Dollar General.
03/2111:56Automatic Fire AlarmGrant StIndiana BoroIndiana FD, Company 3 and 4, dispatched to University Square Apartments.
03/2100:19Vehicle AccidentWashington StIndiana BoroIndiana FD, Citizens Ambulance and Indiana Boro PD dispatched.
03/2100:00Vehicle AccidentCreekside RdWashington TwpCreekside FD, Citizens Ambulance and Indiana PSP dispatched.
03/2022:48Gas LeakOriole DrArmstrong TwpIndiana FD dispatched.
03/2018:49Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 Hwy WBurrell TwpBlairsville and Black Lick Fds, Citizens Ambulance, Indiana State Police dispatched
03/2016:17Vehicle AccidentN 4th StWhite TwpIndiana Fd,Indiana State Police, dispatched
03/2011:21MiscellaneousStore Hill RdErnest BoroCreekside FD, Indiana FD Company 2 dispatched to Smoke in the Structure
03/2010:29Automatic Fire AlarmOakland AveWhite TwpIndiana FD Companies 4 & 1 dispatched
03/2008:48Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 EastEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh and Clyde FDs, Citizens Ambulance, State Police dispatched
03/2008:16Vehicle FireS Ben Franklin RdWhite TwpIndiana FD Company 3 dispatched
03/2005:06Automatic Fire AlarmOakland AveWhite TwpIndiana FD Companies 1 and 2 dispatched.
03/2000:55Vehicle AccidentRoute 286 Hwy WYoung TwpIselin/West Lebanon FD, Lifestat Ambulance and Indiana PSP dispatched.
03/1921:58Vehicle AccidentRoute 286 Hwy EGreen TwpCommodore Fd, IPSP,Citrzens Ambulance dispatched
03/1921:13Fire StandbyMain StBurrell TwpCoral Graceton into Black Lick Fd
03/1921:02Structure FireSusan DrBurrell TwpBlairsville and Black Lick, Coral Graceton Fd, Citizens Ambulance, Rig Team dispatched
03/1915:53Addition to Previous IncidentMcCreight RdArmstrong TwpCreekside Fd dispatched
03/1915:44Addition to Previous IncidentMcCreight RdArmstrong TwpIndiana Fd, Company #4 dispatched
03/1915:36Addition to Previous IncidentMcCreight RdArmstrong TwpCoal Run Fd dispatched
03/1915:20Brush FireMcCreight RdArmstrong TwpElderton Fd dispatched
03/1914:54Report Current Report Current 
03/1900:20Fire StandbyMain StBurrell TwpBlack Lick FD dispatched to standby for Blairsville FD.