Date    Time         Event          Location           Municipality           Details
03/2413:18Brush FireRoute 56 Hwy ECenter TwpHomer City Fd dispatched
03/2402:28Vehicle AccidentValley RoadGreen TwpCommodore VFD, Citizens Ambulance & IPSP Dispatched
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03/2314:55Report Current Report Current 
03/2309:27Vehicle AccidentS 5th StIndiana BoroIndiana FD, Rescue Squad, Indiana Boro PD and Citizen's Ambulance dispatched for an overturned vehicle.
03/2305:04Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 HwyEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh VFD, Clyde VFD Citizens Ambulance & IPSP Dispatched
03/2222:48Report Current Report Current 
03/2214:45Report Current Report Current 
03/2208:12Vehicle AccidentCresswell RdBrush Valley TwpBrush Valley FD, Citizens EMS, State Police dispatched
03/2206:30Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 HWY Blairsville BoroBlairsville VFD, Blacklick VFD, Citizen Ambulance & Blairsville Police Dispatched
03/2204:08Carbon Monoxide AlarmHertiage Run RoadWhite TwpIndiana VFD Dispatched
03/2201:24Vehicle AccidentLeech RoadConemaugh TwpSaltsburg VFD, Life Stat Ambulance & IPSP Dispatched
03/2123:44MiscellaneousClimax RoadWest Wheatfield TwpClyde VFD Dispatched to assist medic unit
03/2113:45Vehicle AccidentRoute 403 Hwy SEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh FD and Clyde FD and Indiana PSP dispatched.
03/2112:54Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 HwyOther CountyBlairsville FD dispatched by Westmoreland County.
03/2112:02Vehicle AccidentBarnard RdWest Mahoning TwpDayton FD and Punxy PSP dispatched.
03/2111:25Vehicle AccidentRoute 85 HwyRayne TwpPlumville FD and Indiana PSP dispatched.
03/2111:02Vehicle AccidentRoute 553 HwyCherryhill TwpCherryhill Twp FD and Indiana PSP dispatched.
03/2110:39Fire StandbyRed StYoung TwpIselin/West Lebanon FD dispatched to standby for Tunnelton FD.
03/2110:34Vehicle AccidentShelly DrWhite TwpIndiana FD, Citizens Ambulance and Indiana PSP dispatched.
03/2110:16Fire Standby4078 Route 66 HwyOther CountyCoal Run/McIntyre FD dispatched into Westmoreland County.
03/2110:03Structure Fire143 Jefferson AveOther CountySaltsburg FD and Tunnelton FD dispatched by Westmoreland County.
03/2109:13Vehicle AccidentRoute 119 Hwy NEast Mahoning TwpMarion Center FD, Citizens Ambulance and Indiana PSP dispatched.
03/2109:00MiscellaneousWood Hollow RdWashington TwpPlumville FD dispatched to assist a medic unit.
03/2108:40Traffic ControlHigh StConemaugh TwpSaltsburg FD dispatched.
03/2108:40Traffic ControlLocust RdNorth Mahoning TwpPerry Twp FD dispatched.
03/2107:12Vehicle AccidentRoute 119 Hwy NRayne TwpIndiana FD, Citizens Ambiulance and Indiana PSP dispatched.
03/2023:55MiscellaneousDixon RdClymer BoroClymer Fd dispatched to assist a medic unit with lifting
03/2022:46Report Current Report Current 
03/2019:20Vehicle AccidentRoute 210 Hwy South Mahoning TwpPlumville FD, CAS, PSP dispatched
03/2018:26Vehicle AccidentRoute 85 Hwy Plumville BoroPlumville FD,CAS, PSP Dispatched
03/2017:56Automatic Fire AlarmWyoming DrBurrell TwpBlacklick FD, Coral-Graceton FD dispatched
03/2017:09Automatic Fire AlarmN Walnut StBlairsville BoroBlairsville FD dispatched
03/2011:22Addition to Previous IncidentMain StBurrell TwpBlairsville FD and Indiana FD Company 1 dispatched to assist Black Lick FD.
03/2011:22Carbon Monoxide AlarmS 6th StIndiana BoroIndiana FD dispatched.
03/2008:43Fire StandbyRoute 56 Hwy EEast Wheatfield TwpArmagh FD dispatched to standby for Clyde FD.
03/2008:32Addition to Previous IncidentMain StBuffington TwpClyde FD dispatched.
03/2007:39MiscellaneousMain StBurrell TwpBlack Lick FD, Coral Graceton FD, Homer City FD, Marion Center FD and Commodore FD dispatched for UTV assist For Black Lick FD.
03/1918:46Fire StandbyCoal Run RoadYoung TwpCoal Run / McIntire VFD Dispatched
03/1917:37Addition to Previous IncidentFront StreetWest Wheatfield TwpTunnelton VFD & Aultman VFD Dispatched