Date Time Event Location      Municipality
6/1514:59Report Current Report Current
6/1512:29Addition to Previous IncidentHopkins RdSouth Mahoning Twp
6/1512:24Brush FireHopkins RdSouth Mahoning Twp
6/1506:45Vehicle AccidentRoute 403 Hwy NCherryhill Twp
6/1420:11Tanker AssistRoute 56Other County
6/1415:48Vehicle AccidentRoute 210 HwySouth Mahoning Twp
6/1414:53Report Current Report Current
6/1407:03Automatic Fire AlarmResort Plaza DriveBurrell Twp
6/1406:44Fire StandbyBlack Lick FDBurrell Twp
6/1406:44Fire StandbyRed StreetYoung Twp
6/1406:28Fire StandbyBrush Valley FDBrush Valley Twp
6/1406:18Addition to Previous IncidentResort Plaza DriveBurrell Twp
6/1406:17Fire StandbyBlack Lick FDBurrell Twp
6/1406:17Fire StandbyBlairsville FDBlairsville Boro
6/1405:42Structure FireResort Plaza DriveBurrell Twp
6/1323:26MiscellaneousGlen Campbell FDFGlen Campbell Boro
6/1322:50Structure FireChapel Campground RdOther County
6/1318:20Automatic Fire AlarmMaple StWhite Twp
6/1316:41Vehicle AccidentRoute 85 HwySouth Mahoning Twp
6/1315:00Report Current Report Current